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November/December Prayer Letter

Dear Pastor and Church, We usually send these letters out at the end of the month, but we wanted to send this one early so we could say, "MERRY CHRISTMAS!" We are thankful this Christmas season that, over the last year, God has allowed us to meet with, partner with, and serve with many churches around this beautiful country. It would not have been possible without the gifts, support, and, most importantly, the prayer we have had this year.

These last two months have been quite an adventure with sickness in our family (multiple times), hitting a bear in our car (sadly, we didn't get bear meat out of the deal), and Lynsey having surgery multiple times. But, we are thankful through it all that Christ has not only provided for the needs involved but has gone above that which we could ask or even think as he said he would in the scripture. I ask as you read this to pray for Taylor as he is currently getting over his third case of Covid. We ask that you pray for our family as we have officially stepped down from being on staff at our sending church so we can do full-time deputation.

We thank the following churches for having us in their services and missions conferences these past months. We want to thank Grace Baptist Church, New Life Baptist Church, Southern Pines Baptist Church, Bible Baptist Church, Camp Creek Baptist Church, Living Stones Baptist Church, and Lexwin Baptist Church. We are excited to see God open doors to partner with many of these churches in the coming year.

Please continue to pray for the souls of Chicago and their need for the gospel! With Love,

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