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Their History

"The purpose of Lighthouse Baptist Church is to seek the salvation of those that are lost, the edification of the believers through the teaching of God's Word, the encouragement of members to do the work of the ministry, the worldwide proclamation of God's saving grace through the shed blood and finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ on Calvary, the promotion of Godly worship, the defense of the faith once delivered unto the saints, and cooperation with Christian activities functioning in harmony with God's Holy Word until Jesus comes for His church." (quoted from

Their Purpose

"Understanding the importance of the Great Commission, our purpose is to assist independent Baptist churches in the establishment of like churches around the world. BIMI exists to serve the local church as it sends missionaries into God's harvest field. As the church's delegated servant, we provide accountability, training and assistance to our missionaries as they carry out their pre-field, on-field and furlough ministries. It is our desire to glorify God through the pursuit of excellence in every area of this worldwide ministry of faith." (quoted from

Their Focus

"Church planting is the main focus of Baptist International Missions. Planting churches is what Jesus had in mind when He said, "Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world. Amen" (Matthew 28:19-20). Obviously, this does not mean we avoid such things as aviation, medical missions, construction, humanitarian aid, etc., since these things often play a very vital role in starting a church. It only means these types of ministries should be a means unto an end—church planting. The often quoted statement "the job of a missionary is to work himself out of a job" is our focal point. The main goal of every BIMI missionary is the establishment of fundamental, independent Baptist churches. As a mission board we want to do everything possible to train and assist our missionaries in this task." (quoted from

Their Distinctives

Church Relationship

BIMI is an independent Baptist mission serving independent Baptist churches. As a Baptist mission, it is expected that all missionaries and missionary candidates must be scripturally baptized in a Baptist church. All missionaries and missionary candidates are to be members of and sent out by independent Baptist churches.


Bible Translations

In the English-speaking countries of the world, our missionaries teach and preach exclusively from the King James Version of the Bible.


P.O. Box 9

Harrison, TN 37341


Field Director - Bob Larson


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